Upcoming Shows

Hello - thank you so much for visiting. You can find my work at Argyle Fine Art on Barrington Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Cheers!
  • Lily Pond

    A day painting plein air in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.


    One of Nova Scotia's oldest and most idyllic coastal communities.

  • Yellow Teapot

    Had a ton of fun painting this - apples are more challenging that you'd think.

  • Strength & Beauty

    Rose Bay is one of the sweetest places in Nova Scotia. These 2 trees welcome us every visit. Their endurance against the raw NS coastline & their beauty seem symbolic of this place. Resilient and beautiful

  • Nasturtiums

    Nasturtiums are always a part of our garden. Several varieties make an appearance - from trailing to dwarf. Their happy faces and gorgeous leaves delight all summer long

  • Beloved Park

    For Ukraine - I have painted this jug full of sunflowers several times. It never fails me. Like the world, my heart is breaking for the people of Ukraine.

  • Mom’s Favourite

    Mom's Favourite - Rhododendrons...not in bloom yet but soon.